Wednesday, 31 December 2014

8 Tips for Holiday Decorating and Take-Down That Could Save Your Roof

The holiday season is quickly approaching its end, and the days of driving through neighborhoods filled with homes lit up for Christmas are soon to be behind us for another year. Many homeowners go above and beyond each year to ensure their homes are memorable, however; what these homeowners don't realize is that in their attempt to "deck the halls", they may be jeopardizing the integrity of their roof. 

Although you've already decorated your home for the holidays, we are here to make sure that you are mindful of your decoration set-up and take-down for seasons to come so you no longer make the simple mistakes that could wind up costing you in the future. Avoid the hassle and make decorating your home and cleaning it up more enjoyable with these tips to avoid roof damage:

1.) Leave the Jingling to the Bells. Never hang lights or decorations from your shingles. This is simply because any time a hole is punched in a shingle, it allows for moisture to seep through which can cause leaks and even rotting of your roof. Instead, hang your lights using anchor clips attached to your gutters or eaves.

2.) Leave the Clatter to the "Big Guy". Footwear is a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of your roof. When you venture atop of your home, make sure you sport footwear that is not only comfortable - but doesn't have any deep edges or cleats. A simple pair of sneakers or tennis shoes would be best.

3.) Don't Let'er Rip. When it comes to taking down your decorative masterpiece, don't just simply pull the light cord to get all of your lights and decorations off the roof. This can cause severe damage to, or even the loss of, your shingles and gutters.

4.) Spare Yourself the Shock. Always keep your lights and decorations away from power lines. Before making your venture onto your roof, untangle any lights or decorations you're planning on using and plug them in to ensure they are still in working condition. This will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Also, make sure to use a portable outdoor circuit for your lights and decorations, and not to overload your breaker.

5.) It Pays to Plan Ahead. Large inflatable decorations have become widely popular for adding a festive touch to the home as of recently, however, without proper set-up/take-down equipment, these decorations could either break or damage your roof. For ease of use, pre-mount large decorations on playwood. This will not only make setting up and taking down a breeze, but your decorations and your roof will last longer.

6.) Hit it with Your Best Shot. Do your best to get all of your decorating/take-down done in one day. As daunting as it may seem, the less time spent maneuvering around your roof - the better, for you and your home. Use the "buddy system" and have someone with you to make the process of checking, hanging, and taking down your decorations quicker.

7.) Check it Out. For most homeowners, the decorating and take-down process are the only times they'll see their roof the way a roofer would. To save yourself time and money in the future, while putting up or removing your lights and decorations take a look around for missing or damaged shingles. It will cost you much less to have a few shingles replaced as opposed to your entire roof.

8.) Who are You Gonna Call?. The task of decorating and taking it all down can be overwhelming to some homeowners. Whether you have a fear of heights, are new to decorating your home, or simply can't be bothered - in any event, call a pro. This will not only spare you the extra stress of worrying about your home during the holiday season, but it will save you money on your roof in the long-run having a professional put up/remove your lights and decorations.

By sharing these tips you can help protect a homeowner's biggest investment from seasonal damages, and allow them to safely enjoy a stress-free holiday for years to come.

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