Monday, 2 March 2015

Help Grow the Commercial Side of Your Business

Whether a contractor already services the commercial roofing market or is just starting out, growing that side of the business can be quite challenging. Trudel and Sons Roofing understands the pain points and is ready to help with 3 comprehensive tips to overcome the most common obstacles in commercial growth:

  • Equipment… a recent survey found that only 40% of contractors had all the necessary equipment to install low-slope roofing and 51% said cost is the greatest barrier. Many companies and suppliers now offer promotional incentive to supplying equipment for contractors, after all, it's great advertising for them! 
  • Cash Flow… waiting on the final payment for a commercial project can cause cash flow issues and potentially prevent a contractor from bidding on the next opportunity. Contractor Financial Services (CFS) and other like companies can ensure payment within 24-48 hours to help improve cash flow and enhance a contractor’s ability to bid on more work.
  • Web… did you know that 70% of customers research online before making a purchase? Having a strong web presence is crucial, but 45% of contractors surveyed rated their website “Poor” for its ability to promote their commercial business. Know that it's well worth your time and finances as a company to either outsource your web presence or use one of the many free or low-cost web domain assistors to create the optimal user experience.

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